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I am very proud to share my partner and I’s final presentation on personalized learning for our CEP 812 class. Throughout the course, we studied Warren Berger’s questioning techniques in his book, A More Beautiful Question (2016), and used them to help solve the wicked problem of personalized learning.

Before diving into solutions, we took a great amount of time to understand the problem. We asked over 40 questions about personalized learning (many of them were “why” questions) without offering any possibilities of the answers. We then started conducting research about personalized learning to fully and deeply understand our problem. After summarizing our wicked problem, reviewing our questions that we brainstormed and discussing personalized learning from multiple perspectives (stubborn teacher, parent and policy maker), we prioritized five “why” questions that focused our research for the rest of the project, which are explained in an infographic that I designed.

After fully comprehending our wicked problem and focusing our thinking, we then asked thirty “what if” questions to help us understand potential solutions. From these questions, we realized that educators lack the knowledge of what personalized learning is and how to implement it into their classroom, so we came up with the solution of developing a hands-on professional development course for teachers to learn about personalized learning. We asked over twenty “how” questions to guide our thinking in how to develop the course and what to include. We also created a survey for educators to complete in our Personal Learning Network to get their thoughts on personalized learning to help us develop the course. The professional development course that we designed is explained further in our multimodal presentation. In this Prezi, you will learn more about our process and solution to the wicked problem of personalized learning. Although a professional development course will help educators feel more confident about implementing personalized learning into their classrooms, it will not ultimately solve the entire problem but hope it’s a step in the right direction.


Berger, W. (2016). A more beautiful question: The power of inquiry to spark breakthrough ideas. New York: Bloomsbury.

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