Why is Personalized Learning a Wicked Problem?

This week in CEP 812, I have worked with a classmate to understand the wicked problem, personalized learning. Before solving the problem, one must fully comprehend why it is an issue. Therefore, we have formulated five questions that will guide our research in understanding the complications of personalized learning:

  1. Why is there not a clear definition of personalized learning?
    • Everyone has their own idea of what personalized learning is and what it should entail.
  2. Why is technology so often intertwined with personalized learning?
    • Technology is the basis of most personalized learning experiences.
  3. Why is personalized learning beneficial for students?
    • Research has shown that students make positive gains in academics when learning in a personalized learning environment.
  4. Why isn’t personalized learning accepted by all?
    • Not everyone believes personalized learning should be how students learn.
  5. Why is personalized learning successful in some classrooms and not others?
    • Personalized learning has inconsistent results.

These questions are ones that we noticed being the main topic of our conversation and research on personalized learning.

We then started our research in answering these questions. We delve into published research articles and educational websites and videos to start our exploration. I have created an infographic below to summarize the information that I found. You can also find the infographic by clicking here.

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