Reflecting on CEP 811

In the last week of CEP 811, I reflect on what I have learned about incorporating technologies in innovative ways to support student learning. The biggest takeaway from this course is knowing that we [educators] don’t need fancy, expensive technologies to successfully teach students in a 21st century classroom; educators AND students need to embody the maker mindset. We need to believe that we are ALL makers and that we CAN be creative. With this mindset, the possibilities are endless. The maker movement is a group of people who share the common motivation to learn, explore, create and share. Below, I have written an acrostic poem that sums up the main ideas of the maker movement and also the ideas I will incorporate into my classroom.

Make solutions

Assess creativity

Keep trying

Explore ideas



Make mistakes and learn from them

Overcome challenges

Value others’ knowledge

Educate others

Manipulate tools and resources

Embody a maker mindset

Notice a problem

Take risks

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