Maker Education: The Road to Success

This week in CEP 811, I took on the challenge of learning, exploring, and creating an infographic. I used a program called to showcase what maker education entails. Throughout this course, maker education has transformed my idea of teaching. I have learned that being a maker does not mean that you need fancy tools and technology; all you need is a problem, creativity, people to collaborate with and a growth mindset. When beginning CEP 811, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the course because I did not consider myself a maker and was nervous that I would struggle to be creative. As this course comes to an end, I have a whole new mindset about my identity; I AM a maker and feel more confident about making and teaching my students to make. In The Maker Movement in Education (2014), Halverson and Sheridan argue that everyone is a maker, but they don’t automatically take on identities of participation within the maker world because they don’t consider themselves makers. This is a concept that I want to instill in my students so that they have the confidence to learn, explore, create and share their ideas with others. Here, I share my infographic that sums up the road to success in maker education.


Halverson, E.R. & Sheridan, K. (2014). The maker movement in education. Harvard Educational Review, 84(4), 495-465.

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