We Are All Makers

When watching Dale Dougherty’s TED Talk, We Are Makers (2011), he asked the audience who thought of themselves as makers. I automatically answered the question to myself that I was not. I don’t invent new gadgets; I don’t create music or movies. The more I learned about that concept of being a maker, the more my answer started to shift. A maker does not have to be somebody who creates something totally brand new; a maker can be anyone who takes ideas, inventions and tools and transforms or combines them into something else.

As an educator, I’m making things all the time. I combine parts of lessons to create new ones. I find household tools and objects to use in a science experiment. I AM a maker. This realization has inspired me to become aware that my students are makers as well. In the classroom, my students are always creating projects out of classroom materials that I would have never thought of or making up dances at recess by combining popular moves that they already know.

With this mindset, the possibilities are endless. We are all makers. I have made a video by remixing Creative Commons licensed videos to help others understand this as well. I even plan on showing this to my students to open up their minds to the creative potential they have! (If the embedded content is not displayed, click here to watch the video.)


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