Learning to Bake with Technology

For my Networked Learning Project in CEP 810, I have been challenged to learn something new using only YouTube and free online Help Forums as resources. In William Richardson’s article, Why School?, he explains “…that our children are connected to people and to knowledge in ways that no other generation before them has been” and that schools need to focus more on teaching students how to think critically about the vast amount of information the internet provides rather than learning specific content (2012). As an educator, what better way to facilitate critical thinking learning with my students than giving it a try myself!

I have chosen to learn how to make cake pops. I have always had a passion for baking and grew up helping my mom in the kitchen, but with my busy schedule lately, time has limited me from continuing. Therefore, I am extremely excited to take some time to learn how to make cake pops!

I am not a big fan of cake, so I was very surprised when I tried a cake pop and LOVED it! Cake pops are something that I can make for parties and impress all the guests with my newfound skill. By the end of this Networked Learning Project, I hope to be able to make a variety of flavors of cake pops that not only taste delicious but also look good.

I have started searching the internet for resources I can use to help me learn. The first one that I think will give me a good base understanding is Cake Pops Recipe Demonstration. This YouTube video goes step-by-step with directions to help beginners know exactly what to do. I also found a video called Perfect Cake Pop Coating and Dipping that will help me perfect making cake pops that LOOK appetizing. One other website I found is a Cake Pop website called Love From the Oven that has tips, tricks, advice, links and resources to aid my learning. There is also an area to comment and ask questions, which will really be useful if I have any questions. I will start with these three resources and see where this learning with technology journey takes me from there!


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